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Computer Operator Questions and Answers SET-1 | MCQ | PSC - Nepal

Computer Operator Questions and Answers SET-1 | MCQ | PSC - Nepal


Computer Operator Questions and Answers SET-1 | MCQ | PSC - Nepalcomputer-operator-question-answer-set-1

In this Computer Operator Questions and Answers SET-1, you will find the 50 most important Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) which can be asked in any competitive exams of Computer Operator or Assistant Computer Operator conducted by the Public Service Commission of Nepal.

First, try to answer all these questions by yourself, then confirm whether your answer is right or wrong by matching it with the Answer Sheet given below.

Computer Operator
Multiple Choice Questions
with Answers

1. The VLSI was used in .......... generation computers.
(A) First
(B) Second
(C) Third
(D) Fourth

2. Which symbol is used to represent group of any characters?
(A) ?
(B) #
(C) *
(D) @

3. When was the CRAY-I super computer built?
(A) 1960
(B) 1976
(C) 1980
(D) 1985

4. Which switch will be used in Dir to see a screenful contents of disk at a time?
(A) /p
(B) /.w
(C) /s
(D) /b

5. When was the P4 computer introduced?
(A) 1980
(B) 1990
(C) 2000
(D) 2004

6. Which is not invalid user file name?
(A) Raj.exe
(B) Ram.txt
(C) Kumar.sys

7. The memory serves as a buffer between processor and memeory is..........
(A) Virtual memory
(B) Flash memory
(C) Cache memory

8. Which is not valid alphabet for attribute setting?
(A) R
(B) S
(C) H
(D) C

9. The memory which allocate space for DOS and application is called..........
(A) Expanded memory
(B) Cache memory
(C) Virtual memory
(D) Conventional memory

10. Which will not create a sub directory on disk?
(A) Mkdir
(B) Md
(C) Chdir
(D) All of the above

11. The data density of tape is measured in..........
(A) Bits per inch
(B) Bytes per inch
(C) Record per inch
(D) None

12. The command sorts the fragments of file and enhanced the perfomance of disk is..........
(A) Scandisk
(B) Chkdsk
(C) Defrag
(D) Sys

13. Which directory can not be created by MD command?
(A) Sub directory
(B) Root Directory
(C) Child Directory
(D) None

14. Which is the system software?
(A) Operating system
(B) Compiler
(C) Utilities
(D) All of the above

15. The command allows you to show the status of disk.
(A) Vol
(B) Diskcomp
(C) Chkdsk
(D) Defrag

16. The most of the input devices consist .......... for signal conversion.
(A) Encoder
(B) Decoder
(C) Modem
(D) None

17. What will be the command if yout want to copy ra.doc file that resides in the floppy disk into work sub-directory of hard-disk while you are in c-prompt.
(A) Copy c:/ra.doc  a:/work
(B) Copy a:/ra.doc  c:/work
(C) Copy ra.doc  c:/work
(D) Copy c:/work  a:/ra.doc

18. The latest 16-bit Unicode can represent the .......... symbols.
(A) 256
(B) 32567
(C) 40000
(D) 65536

19. The system files are resides in the .......... after booting process.
(B) Processor
(D) Hard disk

20. The input device is used for examination paper.
(B) Light pen

21. The break checking command is..........
(A) Ctrl+C
(B) Ctrl+B
(C) Ctrl+Z
(D) All of the above

22. The full form of MICR is..........
(A) Magnetic Ink Character Reader
(B) Magnetic Ink Character Recognition
(C) Magnetic Ink Coding Reader
(D) Magnet Ink Character Recognition

23. The .......... enables the user to load device drivers and programs into upper memory area while running DOS in 386 or higher microprocessor.
(A) Himem.sys
(B) Emm386.exe
(C) Config.sys
(D) All of the above

24. Which one is fast accessible?
(B) Register
(C) Hard disk
(D) Tape

25. The command will display the history of operating system.
(A) Chkdsk
(B) Mem
(C) Vol
(D) Ver

26. The branch of science that deals with helping machine to solve complex problems like human fashion.
(A) Generetic Science
(B) Artificial Intelligence
(C) Computer Science
(D) All of the above

27. The Highest digit symbol of hexadecimal is..........
(A) 9
(B) 16
(C) F
(D) E

28. The data transfer rate of USB cable is measured in terms of .......... bit per second.
(A) Mega
(B) Kilo
(C) Giga
(D) Milli

29. Which is an internal command?
(A) Label
(B) Mem
(C) Path
(D) Sys

30. The output device is used for meeting and conference.
(A) Monitor
(B) Printer
(C) Plotter
(D) LCD projector

31. The system software which translates an instruction at a time from source program and execute it.
(A) Translator
(B) Compiler
(C) Interpreter
(D) Assembler

32. The multi-user operating system is..........
(A) Linux
(B) Unix
(C) Windows 2000
(D) All of the above

33. Which is not function of operating system?
(A) Managing application
(B) Detecting errors
(C) Managing memory and files
(D) Detecting virus

34. The software are made available free of charge on trial based software are called..........
(A) Firmware
(B) Shareware
(C) Application software
(D) System Software

35. When was MS-Windows introduced?
(A) 1975
(B) 1980
(C) 1985
(D) 1995

36. The second generation computer is..........
(A) IBM-702
(B) IBM-1400
(C) IBM system/360
(D) IBM system/370

37. Which is the backup storage device?
(C) Floppy
(D) Register

38. The command fixes the errors of disk.
(A) ErrorFix
(B) Scandisk
(C) Chkdsk
(D) Defrag

39. The command is used to remove sub-directory which contains some files.
(A) RD
(B) RMDir
(C) Deltree
(D) Erase

40. The high speed and capable to support large number of devices is..........
(B) Parallel
(C) Serial

41. Which command is used to go to parent directory from its sub-directory?
(A) Cd
(B) CD/
(C) Cd..
(D) None

42. The microprocessor contains the millions of..........
(A) Registers
(B) Transistors
(C) Capicitors
(D) All of the above

43. Which is the characteristic of computer?
(A) Accuracy
(B) Reliability
(C) Speed
(D) All of the above

44. The term Gigabytes refers to..........
(A) 1024 bytes
(B) 1024 kilobytes
(C) 1024 megabytes
(D) 1024 megabits

45. The assembly language uses the..........
(A) Machine code
(B) Rough code
(C) Human code
(D) Mnemonic code

46. The video display adapter does not support..........
(A) 4-bit
(B) 8-bit
(C) 12-bit
(D) 16-bit

47. Which is not input device?
(A) Digitizer
(B) Data glove
(C) Sensors
(D) Voice synthesis

48. The most popular keyboard type is..........
(C) Ergonomic

49. The permanent memory which exhibits characteristics of RAM is..........
(A) Cache memory
(B) Virtual memory
(C) Base memory
(D) Internal memory

50. Which is not true for speed of CPU?
(A) System Clock rate
(B) Bus width
(C) Word length
(D) Price of CPU

Answer Sheet
1. (D)    2. (C)    3. (B)    4. (A)    5. (C)    6. (B)    7. (C)    8. (D)    9. (D)    10. (C)    11. (A)    12. (C)    13. (B)    14. (D)    15. (C)    16. (A)    17. (B)    18. (D)    19. (C)    20. (A)    21. (A)    22. (B)    23. (B)    24. (B)    25. (D)    26. (B)    27. (C)    28. (A)    29. (C)    30. (D)    31. (C)    32. (D)    33. (D)    34. (B)    35. (C)    36. (B)    37. (C)    38. (B)    39. (C)    40. (A)    41. (C)    42. (B)    43. (D)    44. (C)    45. (D)    46. (C)    47. (D)    48. (A)    49. (B)    50. (D)

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